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    If you have not opened the product and it is within one week of your having received it you may return it for a full refund except for shipping.  If the return is due to an error on our part then the shipping expense both ways is ours. 

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    The contents of both the Five Element Healing Apothecary and the website are based on the opinions of Jason Elias, the Five Element Healing staff, and our trusted colleagues and guest contributors.   Our intent is to share knowledge, experience, and research with those seeking this while on their personal quest for healing.  Nothing on this website is meant to take the place of your one on one relationship with a health care professional and nothing on this website is intended as medical advice.  We encourage you to be an empowered partner with your health care provider in making your own choices for your optimal health.

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    We must admit though we are totally thrilled to be serving the diverse people of the many cultures of our world our actual grasp of other languages than English is mostly limited to less than 50 words from only about 10 languages.  This means that when you see languages other than English used on this site it is almost always a mechanically based interpretation and is very prone to error and faults based in our own lack of understanding and the limits of current technology.  We can't and don't take responsibility for errors based on this situation.  We do go out of our way to learn more, to reach out to international friends and to make your patience with us worth your while.  

    Thank you,  danke,  gracias,  merci,  arigato,  dhanyawaad,  obrigado  ……………

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  • We have healing centers in 3 New York locations, with over two decades of experience and skilled and caring herbalists and healers.  We will address your questions if you wish by phone or email or you are welcome to come by and visit us.

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