The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging (Softcover book)

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The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging synthesizes and simplifies the components of conscious aging into a primer for individuals who are concerned about their own aging process and for those caring for the elderly who seek an enlightened understanding of how all of us may approach aging more consciously and, gracefully. In short, these Seven Graces can serve as stepping-stones toward attaining emotional or spiritual wholeness as we age.

Elderhood can be a time of reckoning, a time to look inside, to wonder where we have been, and where we are not going. The message of The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging is less about how to live a long life, and more about supporting vitality, being present, finding meaning and purpose, and sustaining a youthful heart-well into old age.

To shed light on this reckoning, I have interviewed and highlight the stories of a dozen individuals in their late seventies, eighties, and nineties, and one over one hundred. They are mentors, clients, and close friends. Each of these remarkable individuals, in his or her way, has refused to accept the timeworn script that equates old age with decrepitude. Instead, they have chosen to rewrite the script and embrace old age with dignity and grace. Listening carefully to their stories and insights inspired me and quieted my own fears about aging. They have become my Pathfinders, modern-day sages, who share their wisdom and experiences throughout this book.

In essence, as our Pathfinders show us, aging need not dictate dismal decline. When we debunk the negative preconceived notions of aging, we can even reverse the aging process. The studies cited in this book, along with the Pathfinders' collective, lived experience and my 50 years in the healing arts, offer solid guidelines, practical resources, and inspiration for those who want to learn how to follow Dr. Ashley Montagu's advice and "die young as late in life as possible."

The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging include:

Rewriting the Script: reframing what it means to grow old;

Finding Your Tribe: honoring the importance of good relationships;

Practicing Mindfulness: learning techniques that enable us to live in the moment (the eternal NOW);

Awakening Joy through Simplicity and Humor: living a simple, appreciative, and accepting life;

Pursuing Your Passion: clarifying a long-dreamed vision or unrealized idea and practicing it;

Moving and Being Moved: exercising sensibly on a regular basis to prevent stagnation and enhance mental, emotional, and physical vigor, acuity, and creativity;

Nurturing Your Body, the Temple of the Divine: giving your body the essentials it needs to thrive (clean air, nourishing food, pure drinking water, and loving relationships).