Teasel Root (2 fl oz)


Because Lyme disease spirochetes attack and penetrate into collagen tissue, affecting the joints and tendons throughout the body, Teasel root (Dipsacus)seems to fit right in. Matthew Wood, a Registered Herbalist and well-known lecturer, is the first herbalist I know of who recommended teasel for Lyme disease, and the buzz has spread. According to Wood, teasel, rather than killing the bacteria, changes the bodyʼs environment, so that the body itself can kill off the Lyme bacteria by bringing the bacteria into the bloodstream, where it can detoxify.

As teasel root tincture is exceptionally powerful, many people with Lyme disease have reported experiencing a “Herxheimer Reaction” after taking it. In fact initially, only a few drops of the tincture can cause a reaction. 

In my practice I follow Matthew Woodʼs protocol of using very small doses of teasel at the start and gradually increasing the dosage. Begin with 1 drop, twice daily, and gradually increase the dosage to about 15 drops, twice daily.

The teasel root tincture we carry is from Susan Weed’s Wise Woman Herbals, a friend and a highly regarded herbalist in our community.  We believe that it is of the highest quality available.