Rosavin - Rhodiola Rosea (60 capsules)


Rhodiola can be a primary ally for aging well

Reduce inflammation and preserve the thymus

As we age our thymus gland shrinks and thus we eventually cannot produce enough T-cells to regulate inflammation in our body. Rhodiola has been shown to demonstrate thymic-protecting properties in laboratory models. 

Protecting the skin

Researchers also found that the salidroside component of Rhodiola protects human cells from premature aging when exposed to oxidative stress. In this study, the extract preserved aging skin cells’ ability to divide, thereby maintaining healthier, more vital skin.

Neurological Health

As we age one of our primary concerns is neurological health. The Salidroside and Rosavin components of Rhodiola protect human neurons from oxidative stress in several ways.  In addition, Rhodiola may help support good mental health by lifting mood, relieving anxiety, supporting a healthy response to stress, and aiding memory recall and retention.

Rhodiola can help relieve Lyme "brain fog"

Many of our walk-in health clients in the Hudson Valley who suffer from neurological Lyme symptoms have reported excellent results after using Rosavin for several weeks.

    Only Ameriden the manufacturer of this product succeeded in bringing a Rhodiola product to the US that demonstrates all these qualities in case studies. It is derived from the Siberian variety of the Rhodiola family of plants which seems to currently be the optimal source of these phytomedicinals. 

    Ingredients: 100mg Standardized 3% Siberian Rhodiola rosea (from root-Wild crafted, water only extract freeze dried)