Integral Protocol for Seasonal Allergies and Hay Fever


Integral Protocol packages are a professionally formulated, synergistic combination of the finest, most effective products that support the body in its healing process.

Integral Protocol for Seasonal Allergies and Hay Fever

The Integral Protocol for Seasonal Allergies and Hay Fever combines the highly effective allergy symptom relief and lymphatic flush of our AllergEase formula with the celebrated natural antihistamine-like properties of the Quercetin-Bromelain complex. 

  • Our newly updated AllergEase formula helps relieve the symptoms associated with allergies to airborne particles, such as pollen, dander, dust, mold, and environmental chemicals. Both acute and chronic sinusitis symptoms as well as itchy watery eyes, sinus congestion, sinus inflammation, postnasal drip, and tightness of the chest benefit from AllergEase.
  • The Douglas Labs Quercetin-Bromelain complex is a unique formula to help regulate the immune response during inflammation.  It also possesses powerful antioxidant abilities.  Quercetin is a plant-derived flavonoid that is present in apples, blueberries, and kale.

Directions for the use of each item are supplied in the package.

Retail Price for Items: $59.00
Integral Package Price: $53.00 - more than 10% discount

(savings of $6.00)

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