ClariZyme - A Nattokinase & Serratiopeptidase Supplement


Serratiopeptidase and Nattokinase are fibrinolytic enzymes that have been used to break down protein debris from toxins and injuries.  Used in Europe and Asia for clearing the arteries and to support blood flow. These enzymes have been used in many alternative protocols to address Lyme biofilm.

Natto NSP-2™ brand Nattokinase (20,000 FU/g) 150 mg                  
Serratiopeptidase (120,000 U/g) 150 mg                               
Rutin 200 mg

*Contains Soy and is not suitable for vegans.

Precautions: As Serratiopeptidase and Nattokinase may slow blood clotting do not take if you have a condition involving bleeding or before or after a surgical proceedure.  It has been speculated that there could be interactions with drugs that slow clotting such as asprin leading to increased chance of bruising or continued bleeding.  As yet there is no evidence to support this but as always consult your health care provider when in doubt.

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