Banderol (1 fl oz)


BANDEROL  (Otoba Sp.) is an herbal supplement that comes from an extract of the bark of Otoba trees, which grow in Peru and many parts of South America.  

This tree bark contains a sap which acts as an irritant, or toxic defense mechanism, that repels many invasive organisms, protecting the fruit bearing tree, and is responsible for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal actions. 

NutraMedix claims that it utilizes a proprietary and enhancement process in its extraction, which renders this formula quite potent.

SUGGESTED USE: Banderol is a part of Dr. Cowden’s protocol for Lyme disease, and his suggestion for use is to begin by mixing one drop of Banderol in 4 oz. of water twice daily, and if no flare up occurs to continue every few days to add a drop until 15 drops of extract are mixed with water twice daily. If a Herx (flare up of symptoms) occurs reduce dosage and gradually increase until full dose. As always the direction and advice of your health care practitioner takes precedent.