Andrographis - (2 fl oz)


Andrographis has been used traditionally to treat all manner of febrile diseases and infections but has recently gained attention in the West as a component of Stephen Buhner's "Healing Lyme Disease Herbal Protocol". Because of it's cooling and anti-microbial nature Andrographis is used in traditional medicine to reduce fever, relieve swelling of the lymph glands, address abscesses, strep throat, and lung and sinus infections. It's bitter quality (in small doses) also stimulates the digestive system. It was used in many cultures to treat syphilis until antibiotic drugs became more available.

This extract was created by the noted Hudson Valley herbalist Susun Weed of Wise Woman Herbals. 

A word from our founder and herbalist Jason Elias: "Because of its strong actions and cold nature, I find it advisable to take Andrographis only for acute Lyme disease (or other acute conditions) and for a short duration. I ask my clients to be sensitive to possible side effects such as an extreme chill and sensitivity to cold, as well as digestive upset or skin reactions such as hives. For chronic Lyme disease in which fatigue, body aches and pains, and neurological symptoms are predominant, I suggest other, more gentle antimicrobial herbs.

!!Andrographis should not be taken if you are pregnant unless recommended by your health care professional !!

Ingredients: Andrographis (Aerial parts) plus a proprietary herbal blend