Red Yeast Rice Extract - 90 Caps


Red Rice Yeast is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been shown in studies to act as a natural statin in lowering cholesterol levels. Some of the side effects of pharmaceutical statins such as muscle cramping are reduced for many participants in test groups working with Red Rice Yeast instead. As regulating dosage and effectiveness is harder with Red Rice Yeast we strongly recommend the consultation and supervision of your physician if attempting to switch from one to the other.

Protocol Red Yeast Rice Extract - 90 Caps - 600 mg is carefully produced to avoid the presence of citrinin an unwanted byproduct of the fermentation. 

Precautions: All statins including Red Rice Yeast deplete CoQ10, a vital nutrient.  Therefore supplementation is necessary.  Do not use if you are pregnant as this may harm the fetus.