Jason's Simple Solution for Osteoporosis


Jason's Simple Solution packages are a professionally formulated, synergistic combination of the finest, most effective products that support the body in its healing process.


Osteoporosis is a potentially serious condition involving a loss of bone mass and an increase in bone brittleness; it occurs most commonly in post- menopausal women. The causes of this condition are multifaceted and include genetic predisposition, lack of weight-bearing exercise, unhealthy eating habits, and depletion of estrogen. Osteoporosis affects over 75 million people in the U.S., Europe, and Japan combined. In the U.S. alone, where over 25 million have the condition, more than one in three postmenopausal women is affected, resulting in over 1.3 million fractures annually. 

Jason’s Simple Solution Package

Directions for the use of each item are supplied in the package.

  1. Womenʼs Transition Formula, which helps to restore hormonal balance, and nourishes the Kidney yin which supports bone health.
  2. An absorbable Calcium/Magnesium supplement, preferably with equal amounts of Calcium to Magnesium, 500 mg each, preventatively, and 1000 mg each, for osteoporosis
  3. Vit D3,  2000 units daily
  4. Essential Oil Formula, 1500 mg daily (3 caps)


For more detailed information, see our protocol pages

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