Integral Zinc/Quercetin Viral Defense Protocol


COVID-19 appears to be susceptible to the viral inhibitory actions of zinc. Zinc may prevent coronavirus entry into cells and it appears to reduce coronavirus virulence. A zinc lozenge can potentially provide direct protective effects in the upper respiratory tract.

The inherent problem in achieving the maximum benefits from zinc is that it needs access through the cell walls.  A zinc ionophore such as the anti-malaria drug Chloroquine can chelate the zinc and transport it into the cell cytoplasm.  This may explain Chloroquine's reputation as aid with COVID-19 infection. 

Quercetin, a plant-based supplement often used for its anti-histamine-like actions also possesses these same zinc absorption properties.  It is however benign, safe, and non-toxic, unlike Chloroquine. 

To be clear, this combination does NOT "cure" coronavirus.  It does however provide preventative support to the upper respiratory tract and has been shown to reduce the duration and severity of the symptoms of many viruses. 

This Integral Protocol Package includes

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You should also note that zinc has a recommended human daily intake of 60mg and each lozenge contains 23 mg of zinc as Zinc Citrate and Zinc Gluconate.   We, therefore, recommend that you not exceed one lozenge a day unless advised by your personal health care professional

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