Integral Lemon CBD Oil 1000mg


Integral Health's Broad-Spectrum Lemon CBD oil has proven highly effective in our local health practice for our clients coping with pain, anxiety, cognition issues, and movement disorders. Sufferers of multi-symptom conditions such as Lyme have experienced an easing of their discomfort across the many challenges posed by their condition. 

All of our CBDs are organic and undergo a proprietary raw extraction and purification process. They are "broad spectrum", which means even though they contain the complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients available in the plant, they contain zero THC (the component that would have created the "high") Our raw hemp oil is processed through a proprietary nanoemulsion technology which results in a much higher rate of bioavailability and absorption than the majority of CBD available on the market.

Lemon Flavor

We are proud to offer a rare solution to a universal challenge of oral CBD products: Creating a delicious balance between an added natural flavor and the native taste of hemp oil.  Both our lemon essential oil and mint essential oil flavors have been consistently praised.

Most effective usage

One of the most optimal absorption sites the body has for CBD is under the tongue (sublingual). The CBD absorbed here also bypasses the reduction of the concentration that occurs when it is processed through the GI tract. Holding CBD oil in your mouth and swishing it around for a couple of minutes before swallowing increases the surface contact with your capillaries.

Eating before ingesting CBD also increases your level of cannabinoid absorption. Since CBDs are fat soluble, healthy fats can increase the amount that reaches your bloodstream by 3-fold! 

Your ideal dosage

If you are working with your CBD literate, healthcare professional, follow their guidelines. If you are determining your own best dosage, start with half a dropperful. Some people will experience the effects of the CBD within the first 5 minutes of ingesting. Others won't experience their full level of symptom reduction until after a few days of regularly ingesting the oil. This does not sound very clinically exact but when you have hit your best dosage point you will experience a corresponding sense of well being. In any case, over the course of several days gradually increase your amount ingested by half dropperfuls. The frequency in times per day can also be modulated as needed, from one to three times per day. 

Ingredients: Organically Grown Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, and Lemon Essential Oil.

1000 MG CBD | 30 Servings Per Container | 33.33 MG per dropper